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your personal growth, get unstuck & execute your business vision

find unique home décor ideas

finding handmade upcycled unique gifts, sustainable home decorating ideas and eco-friendly gift wrapping services 

should not be so difficult and exhausting 

make it happen easily with our deliberately creative consultant on your side

LET THEM SELL the traditional and conventional. 

We creatively make sustainable happy faces and spaces

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Searching for the right Christmas gifts and décor for him & her? 

Order your personalized gift, custom, made-to-order yard art or hire a muralist

Find upcycled and recycled Salvage-Remix Indoor Home Décor & Design

The refused is reused & upcycled with masterful art makeovers. 


HR & busy Business Professionals, do you want to rejuvenate? Book our SMART EQ Application Journey with your team. 

Journey into your true self using highly effective habits and our
SMART Journey and Vision Board Making workshops.

Hosts and Admins, are you planning a private party or event?

Entertain in a Relax & Lux Space

Make it easy on yourself and let us help make your celebrations unique. Create your fun and memorable experiences with your group and team.
ART BAR, My Picqasso, Old Town Spring, TX 77373


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EQ for HR

Are your employees bored?  Is your team stressed and overwhelmed from all the noise and daily grind? We'd love to work with you  using our unique process to uncover right solutions and set your employees and team back on the path of freedom by applying EQ to  inspire the habits of highly effective people.


Save yourself and throw out the work-life balance plan. Let us work with you on how- to execute your Work-Life Integration Strategy using our creative and proven process.   

Art, Boba

& Market 

Sip. Shop. Salvage. Remix. Do you have a new home and are you looking for a unique art statement piece? We transform your old stuff, like Grandma's bench, into an upscale, one-of-a kind personalized treasure that expresses the greatness in your style and personality.


Find items at our Art & Market in Old Town Spring, Texas. Market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3 pm. 

Local artists create during the week and showcase their handmade, salvaged and upcycled home décor. Recycled DIY Wreath Kits for Kids. All are made from thrift store finds, vintage flea markets, reused and remixed materials. See our Designer's wall display of the new trend in Faux walls. 

Side-kick Coach

Creative Business & Execution Strategy Coach for Business Management, Students, Parents, Aspirants & Professionals . 

We work with a large number of clients from various industries, including:

  • Real Estate

  • Financial/Banking

  • Fishing and Wildlife

  • Restaurant

Talk to us about how we have successfully helped hundreds of businesses turn their vision into reality, at their own comfortable pace, cost and with simple, easy, actionable steps.  

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