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I excelled at pastels, acrylics, winning awards and was even one of the artists with work at the Houston Arts Museum. However, my mind went into a starving artist mode. In a panic to find a way out and support myself, I switched to study business. I quickly learned all about management, budget & finance. I was setting myself up to to fund my love to draw and paint again. I applied, at the Houston location at a Fortune 500 company, for a data entry position, where I was required to type 55 words per minute. I failed the typing test, big time. I was so nervous and had many errors. However, that did not stop Human Resource from offering me a position in Accounting.  I gladly accepted and was hired! 


Throughout my extensive career, in the Financial Industry, coordinating mergers and acquisitions, supporting sales, client relationships for large accounts and managing multiple large scale projects, simultaneously and with critical deadlines, my most favorite experiences were about change, growth and cultivating a culture of support. I blossomed in the Corporate world. 


One day, mid year, 2014, I was offered a retirement package, to make room for the younger generation, I happily accepted.  Don't get me wrong, it was a scary minute -that moment when I said yes to Corporate, yes to myself and yes to God. I was only 48 years old, retiring from my career. This was the turning point in my adult lifestyle. I was given a chance to combine my knowledge about business, with my passion for people and a return to my love of art (the cherry on top.) 
My Picqasso was born, March 15, 2015. 
Fast forward to 2020, post COVID-19, we are powered by Project Smitten as providing an initiative (project) for re-imagine art and interior designs. The concept for transforming rooms and spaces with masterful interior decor that's eco-friendly & future-oriented. 

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