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Throughout my extensive career, in the Financial Industry, coordinating mergers and acquisitions, supporting sales, client relationships for large accounts and managing multiple large scale projects, simultaneously and with critical deadlines, my most favorite experiences were about change, growth and cultivating a culture of support. I blossomed in the Corporate world. 

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White Branch

Made it Happen!


 I "retired" from Corporate after their last reorganization and founded My Picqasso, March 15, 2015. My Picqasso provides a creative and productive outlet for my left and right brain. I stay at the forefront of all the latest trends so I can provide y'all with unique services and one-of-a kind products. From the initial strategy to the final outcome — I offer guidance and support throughout the whole process. Call me to schedule a consultation today. 

We can't wait to see your ideas, goals, and dreams become reality!

Thank you so much for supporting the art community & trusting us with your celebrations, life styling & design


About You?


Are you ready to work with us and design your life, take a small step into giving a sustainable gift, wow your friends and unleash your luxe style in your party, event or celebration theme? 

We're committed to making celebrations easy and stress-free. And, that makes it our responsibility to help you create meaningful memories with our inspiring, entertaining and friendly workshops. 

Take a peak and shop our, Always In High Fashion, Eco-Friendly designs for party backdrops, selfie props, DIY at home hand-sketched kits and one-of-a-kind décor and design. 

we’re working on a custom painting as a
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