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Real Way.

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There is no "I" in TEAM

BRIDE activity. Each individually completed canvas painting, put together, makes one huge painting. 

Our SMART vision session is a colorful and vivid approach to creating a seductive vision.  Add your wine, intelligence and creativity for an awe-inspiring event.  

Plan your themed party where imagination is the key ingredient.  Choose a Starry Night painting and imagine you and your friends in France.  Complete the mood and buy our Starry Party Package, which includes a backdrop for photo ops and selfie sticks.


We offer a unique selection of event packages to liven-up your party mood and show-off your stylish lifestyle!

Project Smitten, powered by Picqasso offers an array of exciting themed options, where luxe is the name of the game! You pick the perfect reason for the party, select a theme, then sip, make and take your artsy gift home! Wine or not, you're going to want to snap some selfies of your very memorable event! 

Style and design your own wooden birdhouses. We supply all the tools, paint, tiles and even inspiration to get you started and to the finish. Leave with 2 completed birdhouses, designed by you.  

Painting on a canvas. With many images to choose from in our gallery as well as one you choose yourself, your party will be happy you've booked with us! You'll be sure to enjoy this easy, guided, and fun activity! 

Build vision boards with your team!

Challenging, FUN, team exercise. Dare to share your vision. Be brave & communicate

After everyone has completed their vision board, there will be a "show and tell"

Our tasty group activity. Artsy unique fun in rating and tasting. You provide the DRINKS, we provide the  tasting sheets and supplies.

Paint and create on a re-purposed cigar box. A great gift idea for hard-to-buy-for friends! 

It's time to twine a wine bottle. We will show you how to create a trendy wine bottle.  A great decor piece for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom!

The ART BAR & MARKET, My Picqasso
we're on a mission to make celebrations easy, fun and memorable! 

Come and experience our difference.  Smiles with every purchase, guaranteed!

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