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Try Something New

Sometimes we need permission to be brave and try a different approach.  

We never let an item's original use hold us back. We make uncommon uses from common objects and make it a work of art that expresses your lifestyle.  Have a seat and call us. We'll tell you about an uncommon solution to men's hangers and about the time when we painted each brick on a faux brick interior wall for a new homeowner.


Eco-friendly space

You need solitude to create and our world needs non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials.  We work with your budget and help you reimagine your rooms, like a sturdy work table in your study, with a comfortable Caribbean classic couch to relax into after a long and busy day at work.  

50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

Welcome to


Project Smitten 

 Achieving the impossible is what we do, because sometimes doing the impossible is fun.  

Let's go, we got this! 

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